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Strong Representation For Injured Workers In Hartford

You have worked hard for years, but now you are too hurt to go back to work because of a job-related accident. Without that income, you and your family could be in serious financial trouble.

Fortunately, Connecticut residents who get hurt at work are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. But getting approved for your rightful benefits is not easy. Having a tough, experienced attorney on your side can mean the difference between a rejected claim and one that helps you and your loved ones maintain financial stability while you recover from your injuries.

Rightful Compensation Benefits For A Workplace Injury

At The Law Offices of Januszewski McQuillan and DeNigris, LLP, we have helped injured workers throughout central Connecticut since 1952. Workers in dangerous fields, like construction and manufacturing, depend on attorney Martin McQuillan’s decades of experience in workers’ compensation law. So do office workers and anyone else who has sustained a work-related injury. Our team can help you take on your employer and their insurance company and fight to get the most workers’ comp possible.

We can help you throughout the process, starting with the initial application. Legal assistance with applying for benefits can increase your chances of being approved for reasonable benefits. But a turned-down application or lowball settlement offer is not the end of the road. You have the right to appeal. Mr. McQuillan has appealed numerous claims. He regularly represents clients in formal hearings and appeals to the state Compensation Review Board (CRB). Our firm will not rest until your case is resolved.

Do I Have A Strong Case For Workers’ Compensation?

To find out more about what type and level of workers’ comp you could be entitled to, please contact The Law Offices of Januszewski McQuillan and DeNigris, LLP, and schedule a free initial consultation. We welcome you to visit our New Britain office. Call 860-505-4415 to make an appointment.